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Global Workforce Contracting Service

Talent'd global workforce contracting services help you in the cheaper and faster mobilisation of your global workforce for your international projects needs and business operations.

Workers with Masks

Smoothest Path to Globalisation

Global Localisation

Build flexibility in execution of your international projects with local workforce contractors in the vicinity of your project.

Verified Contractors

Discover 1000s of duly verified workforce Contractors from More Than 20 Countries across Asia Pacific Region.

360 Degree Support

Talent'd provides complete workforce support from Commencement to Completion of your

International Projects.

Wide Range of Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for Temporary and Permanent Staffing of workforce for International Projects & Businesses.

Our Clients


What People are Saying


A dynamic team of hardworking and dedicated professionals, working towards creating a new way of doing International Business

Vivek Mehta

Director, Driplex Engineering, India


We worked with WorldRef in selling manpower service for international project execution. Transparent, young and thorough professional team it is.

Jean Martial Carpena

CEO & Co-Founder, Audaxia Global, Thailand


I have worked with WorldRef in Manpower domain, their efforts and business dealing is quite professional.

Mohamad Noer

CEO, PT Haman Energy, Indonesia


Temporary & Contractual Workforce Solutions

Scalable and flexible 3rd party global workforce contracting services for your international projects.

Managerial Level Professionals

Hire experienced engineering and management contractual employment for your International projects and business operations.

  • Project Managers

  • Foreman

  • Surveyors

  • Project Superintendents

  • Quality Inspectors

  • Construction Area Managers

  • Administrative Officers

  • General Contract Managers

  • Engineers

  • Safety Officers

  • Supervisors

  • Team Leaders

  • Site In-charge

  • Line Inspectors

  • Office Manager

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Skilled & Semi-Skilled Workforce

  • Welders

  • Millwright Fitters

  • Insulation Installers

  • Industrial Electrician

  • Plumbers

  • Carpenters

  • Mechanics

  • Technicians

Machinery Operators

  • Maintenance Professional

  • Specialised Technicians

  • Machinery & Plant Operators

  • IT Engineers

  • Equipment Drivers


Listen From Our Clients and Candidates


General Labours

  • Construction Workers

  • Industrial Housekeeping

  • Security Personnel

  • Contract Labor

  • Store Keepers

  • Ground Workers

Success Stories

Talent'd Success Stories, Vena Energy, Singapore.jpg


Vena Energy, Singapore

Services Provided

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Short term deputation of specialist electrical and instrument engineers during commissioning of solar power plant.

Workforce Contracting Solutions

O&M contractor for Indonesia’s biggest solar PV cluster. (950,000 man hours, ongoing)

Talent'd Success Stories Clean Green Energy Corp Philippines.jpg


Clean Green Energy Corp, Philippines

Workforce Contracting Solutions

Contract Workforce Secured

Deputed a specialist squad for turbine vibration analysis, steam pipeline checking and rectification totalling 500 manhours

Helping you ease into the Global Market

Global Contractual Workforce

Talent'd connects you with 1000s of verified Workforce Contractors in multiple geographies across Asia, providing economical and dynamic workforce to cater to all your International Project Requirements

Similing Team
Construction Site Pipes


Workforce giants such as China, India, Eastern Europe, and parts of South America are also grappling with critical talent shortages. Russia alone faces an estimated reduction of appx. 20 million working age people by 2030.3

The UN anticipates that China’s working-age population (those aged 15-59) will fall behind Vietnam’s in 2020 and lag behind India and Brazil in 2025.

Source: PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey 2020

Explore Workforce Recruitment and Mobilisation Services
Hire and Manage Permanent or  Temporary Workforce Globally.

Hire the best workforce for your international business or projects, delivered through a global network of associate and contractor partners across 50+ Industries in 75+ countries.

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Save Time and Money in Mobilising Your Global Workforce.

Global workforce contracting services help you in the cheaper and faster mobilisation of your global workforce for your international projects needs and business operations.

Need Help with Global Workforce Contracting Services?

Get the right contractual workforce to Globalise your Business Operations and international projects

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