Global Mobility-



On Stop Global Platform to Cater to all International Deputation Needs.


Flexible Staffing


Hire Temporary & Independent Contractors to Ease your International Project Loads.


Fast & Quality Manpower


Well Trained & Experienced Workforce ready for On-Site Deputation.


Reduce Costs


Minimise the cost of International Manpower Deputations by multiple folds


Tailor Made Solutions


Short-Term Requirement, Peak Project Demand or Unexpected Load Towards the End, We Cater to All.


Focus on Your Business, Leave Worrying About Manpower Deployment to Us


Navigate through the complexities of International Deputations for your Global Operations with Talent'd.


Work Permit Services


Reliable Work Permit and Business Visa Processing Services across Asia, with no surprises, smooth execution and Timely Delivery

Local Sponsors


Business Beyond Border Made Simpler, Better, and Efficient. Get Local Visa Sponsorship Assistance Making International Deputation of Manpower Cost Effective and Fast.

Global Immigration Policies & Compliances


Customised Immigration Solution to Reduce Compliance Risk. Avoid Immigration Issues and Stay Compliant with the Host Country Immigration Laws.

"I have been working with these gentlemen quite long. Understanding of business, complete transparency and their business style is quite impressive"


Henri KurliPT Bagus Karya, Indonesia


Helping you ease into the Global Market


Global Manpower Contracting


Talent'd connects you with 1000s of verified Manpower Contractors and Agencies in multiple geographies across Asia, providing economical and dynamic workforce to cater to all your International Project Requirements

Sanjit John.jpeg

"WorldRef has supported us in getting the right local partners, we look forward to continue working with them"

Sanjit John, VA Tech Wabagh Limited, Indonesia

One Partner, Infinite Possibilities


HR process outsourcing


Improve retention, enhance workforce productivity, and reduce costs through customised HRO solutions.


Opportunities for job seekers


Search Job positions that match your skillsets and grab your next opportunity with Talent'd.

Startup Development Team


Hiring intentions improve since last quarter in 32 markets and remain the same in five: China, Hong Kong, Austria, Hungary, Poland


Employers in Europe are the least optimistic about a return to pre-pandemic hiring levels with most predicting this will be later than October 2021.

Strongest hiring intentions in Taiwan, U.S. and Singapore; weakest outlooks in Panama, U.K. and Switzerland


Source: Manpower Group Employment Outlook (Global), Q1 2021


Helping you focus on just the right things


Global Recruitment Services

Customised Recruitment Solutions for Global Businesses

Global Industrial Manpower Contracting

Wide range of Globally Localised Manpower Solutions

Training & Development Solutions

Flexible Global Training Resources

HR Process


Focus on your core business with HRO solutions

Start Your Globalisation Journey with Talent'd


 Connect with the right entity and optimise your International Operations


Global Recruitment

International Contracting

International Deputation

HR Process Outsourcing

Training & Development

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