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WorldRef brings you a unique platform that makes is easy and simple to manage all business aspects related to global manpower. 

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Global Localisation

Globalisation made simpler with localised manpower solutions delivered in more than 20 countries. 

Flexible Scalability

Build the flexibility and resilience in your international business by outsourcing your global manpower solutions to experts at Talent'd.

Customised Solutions

Get customised solutions for more than 40 industries delivered across 20 leading economies across the world.

Super Fast & Efficient

Make your business a global superstar with predictable expenditures combined with highly efficient and punctual services by Talent'd.  

Grow your global business, without the growing pains


Hire the best workforce for your international business or projects. Customised manpower services delivered through a global network of leading manpower agencies and contractor partners.


Global Talent Recruitment


Optimize Your International Hiring, and Recruit the Best & Brightest Talents With Global Talent Acquisition Service Solutions.

International Manpower

Contracting Solutions


Don’t Let the Industry’s Ups and Downs Bother Your Workforce. Hire Experienced and Productive Professionals to Create a Dynamic Team for Your Global Operations.

International Deputation Services


Wide Range of International Deputation Solutions for Manpower to Make Global Operations Cost-Effective, Fast and Reliable

"Syntek and WorldRef share a very good business relationship in electrical & testing domain. How to keep the friendliness and professionalism alive in business, WorldRef is a good example of that"


Rizky HabibiePT Krakatau Daya Listrik, Indonesia


Helping you focus on just the right things


Global Training & Development Services


No generation has had the opportunity, as we now have, to build a global economy that leaves no-one behind. It is a wonderful opportunity, and we bring you a platform which democratises global learning. Learn with more Than 2,700 global trainers from more than 25 industries

Empowering business globalisation everywhere

Over 8,000 businesses in 150 countries around the world have generated over $300 million USD in business opportunities using WorldRef.
Business Development-global b2b sales -

Business Development-global b2b sales -

Business Verification Global Background

Business Verification Global Background

energy audit - woman petrochemical engin

energy audit - woman petrochemical engin

2-Business Development-global businessme

2-Business Development-global businessme

Engineering _ Design -  engineer designi

Engineering _ Design - engineer designi

Emergency Industrial Purchase Procuremen

Emergency Industrial Purchase Procuremen

Civil Construction-silhoutte of workser

Civil Construction-silhoutte of workser

Contract Management Consultants - Featur

Contract Management Consultants - Featur

Contract Manufacturing - Beverage factor

Contract Manufacturing - Beverage factor

Construction Management-Construction man

Construction Management-Construction man

Business Translation - Featured Image

Business Translation - Featured Image

Erection _ Fabrication

Erection _ Fabrication

After Sales Support Service - global loc

After Sales Support Service - global loc

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"WorldRef has supported us in getting the right local partners, we look forward to continue working with them"

Sanjit John, VA Tech Wabag Limited, Indonesia

Get the help you need,

every step of the way.


HR process outsourcing


Improve retention, enhance workforce productivity, and reduce costs through customised HRO solutions.


Opportunities for job seekers


Search Job positions that match your skillsets and grab your next opportunity with Talent'd.

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Manpower giants such as China, India, Eastern Europe, and parts of South America are also grappling with critical talent shortages. Russia alone faces an estimated reduction of appx. 20 million working age people by 2030.3

The UN anticipates that China’s working-age population (those aged 15-59) will fall behind Vietnam’s in 2020 and lag behind India and Brazil in 2025.


Source: PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey 2020


Start Your Globalisation Journey with Talent'd


Join more than 8,000 users who have trusted Talent'd & WorldRef with their globalisation initiatives.


Global Recruitment

International Contracting

International Deputation

HR Process Outsourcing

Training & Development

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